COVID 19, Care and Carelessness

17 June 2021

India: From Populist Nationalism to Popular Constitutionalism

A visit to Shaheen Bagh, in south east Delhi, reveals the surprising emergence of new shades of citizenship
21 July 2020

Visualising the Human Price of Gold

An exhibition of powerful photographs brings home the real costs of illness and incapacitation for miners and their families
28 November 2018

Here is what’s Needed to Kickstart a Fairer Social Care System

27 March 2017

Barbarians at the Gate: Bearing Witness to the Attack on Jawaharlal Nehru University

17 February 2016

Why Corbyn’s Silent Stand through the Anthem is a Matter of National Importance

16 September 2015

Imagining pasts and futures: the Indian Parliament Murals and South Africa’s Keiskamma Tapestry

14 December 2012