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From Depletion to Regeneration: Addressing Structural and Physical Violence in Post-Conflict Economies 

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth – A gendered analysis (with Benjamin D. Brown and Kanchana N. Ruwanpura) 
World Development 113, 368–380

Upendra Baxi: feminism, law, and the human 
Jindal Global Law Review
Volume 9 Number 2
DOI 10.1007/s41020-018-0078-y

Recognising the full costs of care? The Gendered Politics of Compensation for families in South Africa’s silicosis class action (with Beth Goldblatt) 
(November 2017)
Social and Legal Studies 
DOI: 10.1177/0964663917739455

Political Aesthetics of the Nation: murals and statues in the Indian Parliament’
Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies

‘Agency, Injury, and Transgressive Politics in Neoliberal Times’, (with Sumi Madhok)
Signs, Journal of Women, Culture and Society
Vol. 37, No. 3, pp. 645-669;

Feminist everyday political economy: Space, time, and violence

Feminist everyday political economy: Space, time, and violence (with Juanita Elias)
Review of International Studies
Page 1 of 20

The Good Life and the Bad: The Dialectics of Solidarity
(March 2018)
Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society
Volume 25, Issue 1
Pages 1–19

‘Political Perfomance: A Framework for Analyzing Democratic Politics’
Political Studies

Depletion: The Cost of Social Reproduction,  (with C. Hoskyns and D. Thomas)
International Feminist Journal of Politics,16(2)

‘The Politics of Access: Narratives of Women MPs in the Indian Parliament’ 
Political Studies
Volume 60, Issue 1, pages 195–212

Book Chapters

Reimagining the state: Marxism, feminism, post-colonialism
Reimagining the State: Theoretical Challenges and Transformative Possibilities
Davina Cooper, Nikita Dhawan, Janet Newman, Routledge

From the Nation-State to Global Governance: A Gendered Analysis 
State in India: Reflections on Contemporary Politics – A Reader (ed.) Vidhu Verma
New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan

Social Reproduction (with Catherine Hoskyns)
Handbook on Gender in World Politics (Edited by Jill Steans, and Daniela Tepe-Belfrage)
pp 394-404
London: Edward Elgar 

Gender and (International) Political Economy
Oxford Handbook on Gender and Politics (Edited by G. Waylen et al. Oxford)
Oxford University Press 

Feminizing Global Governance 
Gender and Global Politics in the Asia-Pacific (Edited by Bina D’Costa and Katrina Lee-Koo)  
Basingstoke, Palgrave

Dilemmas of Political Participation
Women’s citizenship and political rights (Edited by Sirrku Helsten et. al) 
Basingstoke, Palgrave

Development and the Challenge of Globalisation (with Peter Newell and Andrew Scott) and The Political Economy of Intellectual Property Rights: A Gender Perspective (with Sharmishta Barwa)
 Development and the Challenge of Globalisation (Edited Peter Newell, Shirin M. Rai and Andrew Scott)
pp 1-26, pp 41-46
ISBN1 85339 492 0

Democratisation: Feminist Perspectives
Democratisation Through the Looking Glass (Edited by Peter Burnell)
Manchester, Manchester University Press

Reserved Seats in South Asia: A Regional Perspective (2005)
Beyond Numbers (Edited by A. Karam) 
Handbook series (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance)
pp 174-184
Stockholm, IDEA

Global Social Movements (with Robin Cohen)
Global Social Movements (Edited by R. Cohen and S.Rai)
pp 1-17
ISBN 0 485 00419 4, 0 485 00615 4 (pbk)

Politics and the State: Overview
Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women’s Studies
pp 1569-1573
New York, Routledge
ISBN 0 415 92091 4

Globalisation, Fragmentation and the State
Globalisation and Fragmentation (Edited by H. Afshar and S. Barrientos)
pp 18-37
Basingstoke, Macmillan
ISBN 0 333 73927 2

Women in the Indian Parliament
Getting Institutions Right for Women in Development (Edited by A.M.Goetz) 
pp 104-122
London, Zed Press
ISBN 1 85649 525 6, 1 85649 526 4 (pbk)

Women and the State in the Third World: Some Issues for Debate
Women and the State: International Perspectives (Edited by Shirin M. Rai and Geraldine Lievesley)
Taylor and Francis, London
ISBN 0 7484 0360 4, 0 7484 0361 2 (pbk)

Women and the State in the Third World
Women in Third World Politics (Edited by Haleh Afshar)
London, Routledge
ISBN 0-415-13853-1 (hbk), 0-415-13861-2 (pbk)

Between Feminism and Orientalism (co-authored with Joanna Liddle)
Making Connections: Women’s Studies, Women’s Movements, Women’s Lives (Edited by Mary Kennedy, Cathy Lubelska, and Val Walsh)
pp 11-23
Taylor and Francis, pp. 11-23, ISBN 0-7484-0098-2

Gender and Development
Juanita Elias and Adriene Roberts (eds) Handbook of Feminist International Political Economy
London: Edward Elgar

The Dilemmas of Performative Citizenship
Bishnupriya Dutt, Janelle Reinelt and Shrinkhala Sahai (eds) Gendered Citizenship, Manifestations and Performance, Palgrave Macmillan

The Contexts of International Development and Gender and Development: Theoretical Perspectives
The Women, Gender and Development Reader (Edited by Nalini Vishwanathan
Zed Books

The Indian Parliament (with Vernon Hewitt)
The Oxford Companion to Politics in India (Edited by Niraja Gopal Jayal and Bhanu Pratap Mehta)

Introduction: Feminist Perspectives on Analysing and Transforming Global Governance (with Georgina Waylen) and Analysing Global Governance
  Global Governance: Feminist Perspectives (Edited by Georgina Waylen)
pp 1-18, pp 19-42
Palgrave Macmillan; 
ISBN-10: 0230537049, ISBN-13: 978-0230537040

Gender and Development
Palgrave Advances in Development Studies (Edited Jeffrey Haynes)
Basingstoke: Palgrave

Institutional Mechanisms for the Advancement of Women: Mainstreaming Gender, Democratising the State? and The National Commission for Women: The Indian Experience
National Machineries for the Advancement of Women: Mainstreaming Gender, Democratising the State? (Edited by Shirin M. Rai for the UN Division for the Advancement of Women)
pp 15-39, pp 223-242
Manchester, Manchester University Press
ISBN 0 7190 5978 X

Gender Quotas and the Politics of Empowerment: A comparative study
Quotas for Women Worldwide (Edited by Drude Dahlerup)
London, Routledge

Gender and Political Representation
 The Companion to Development Studies (Edited by Vandana Desai and Robert B. Potter)
pp 356-360
London, Arnold  
ISBN 0 340 76051 6 (pbk) also in 2nd and 3rd editions

Democratising the Indian Parliament: the ‘Reservation for Women’ Debate’ (with Kumud Sharma)
International Perspectives on Gender and Democratisation (Edited by S. Rai) 
pp 149-165
Basingstoke, Macmillan,
ISBN 0-333-75004-7, 0-333-75005-5 (pbk) [Translated into Hindi: 2001,  Naarivadi Rajniti: Sunghursh aiynv Mudde (Edited by Sadhna Arya, Nivedita Menon, Jini Lokneeta) pp 335-372
University of Delhi Press

Women in the Indian Parliament
Women in Parliament: Beyond Numbers (Edited by A. Karam)
pp 115-124
Stockholm, Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
ISBN 91-89098-19-6, ISSN 1402-6759

Women, Representation and Good Government: Perspectives on India and Chile
Good Government and the Law (Edited by Julio Faundez)
pp 259-273
Basingstoke, MacMillan  
ISBN 0 312 16473 4

Gender and Democratisation in the Third World: ambiguity and opportunity
Democratisation in the South: The Jagged Wave (Edited by Robin Luckham and Gordon White)
pp 220-242
Manchester, Manchester University Press
ISBN 0 7190 4941 5, 0 7190 4942 3 (pbk)

Gender in China
China in the 1990s (Edited by Robert Benewick and Paul Wingrove)
London, MacMillan
pp.181-192, ISBN 0-333-60137-8, 0-333-60138-6 (pbk)

‘Watering Another Man’s Garden’: Gender, Employment, and Educational Reforms in China (1992)
Women in the Face of Change: The Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and China (Edited by Shirin Rai, Hilary Pilkington and Annie Phizacklea)
pp 20-40
London, Routledge
ISBN 0-415-07540-8, 0-415-07541-6 (pbk)