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Doing Politics Sideways
Routledge, Intervention Series

This book is an intervention in the way we describe, value and critique the study politics. Having said that, this is not an internal conversation fit only for airing among those who fill the academe; nor even among those who do politics as politicians, bureaucrats or civic leaders. This is a book for all of us who attempt every day to understand our worlds and how politics is done – in quotidian ways all around us. Through this book I make a case for ‘doing politics sideways’ – a sideways look at the political in pursuit of a better understanding of the worlds we inhabit.

Depletion: The Human Cost of Care
New York

This book explores something that we often overlook in our theoretical analyses of care and caring – its human cost. Building on previous work, it explores the multiple facets of social reproductive work and how its undervaluing is not just a theoretical gap in our knowledge, but a cost to those who perform this work and as such a subsidy to the state and capital. It argues that depletion as a concept is a bridge between unpaid social reproduction and paid work, public and private realms of life – it connects the two and allows us to show how we cannot understand the value of one without that of the other.

Authored Books

Performing Representation: Women Members in the Indian Parliament
(with Carole Spary)
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Chinese Politics and Society: An Introduction
(co-authored with Flemming Christiansen)
Hemel Hempstead
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ISBN 0-13-354656-X

Edited Books

The OUP Handbook of Performance and Politics 
(lead editor, with Milija Gluhovic, Silvija Jestrovic and Michael Saward)
New York (in Press)
Oxford University Press

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Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament
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(Interventions Series)

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Routledge IAFFE Advances in Feminist Economics
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Guest Editor Special Issues

Law, Harm and Depletion through Social Reproduction
(with Beth Goldblatt)
European Journal of Gender and Politics
Vol: 2020

Feminists Theorize the International Political Economy
(with Kate Bedford)
Signs, Journal of Women in Culture and Society
36:1, 2010

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(with Georgina Waylen)
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Disruptive Democracy: Analysing Legislative Protest
(with Carole Spary)
Volume: 20 May 2013 Number 3

Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament in Special Issue of Journal of Legislative Studies
16: 3, 2010